How do I register with Deals Malta?

If you are a first time user, you can register on the site by clicking on the registration button on the top right corner or else register at a later stage when you are purchasing an offer.

Register Button Deals Malta


If you are already registered, all you need to do is login to proceed with buying an offer.

How do I buy Deals Malta Offers?

Buying a voucher on Deals Malta is a simple step by step process.

1. Click on the Buy Now button of the particular offer you want

Buy it Button

2. If you aren’t a registered user, just fill in your details to register in the form.

Billing info

3. Click on the Proceed to Payment button and fill out your credit card details .

CC details page

4. Click submit and you’re done!

How do I get the vouchers?

Once you have placed a payment you will automaticallyreceive 2 emails. One is a confirmation of your payment and the other is a link to download your voucher.

Alternatively you can go on your account page and clickon ‘My Purchases’. You will see the code number of your voucher and a download button. If you click on the download button, the voucher will open and you are immediately prompted to print it on your printer.

Download & Print Voucher

How do I use the vouchers?

Once you have printed the voucher, you can then proceed to present it at the business venue according to the fine print or ‘How to use this voucher’ instructions found on the same voucher.


Is there any time limit when I can use the voucher?

Yes this is given to us by the seller. You will see the expiry date of the voucher on the voucher itself or on the ‘My Purchases’ page under ‘expires’.

Expiry Date

What happens if I made a mistake and do not wish to use the voucher?

Our policy is that a customer can ask for a refund within 14 days of purchasing a voucher if the voucher has not been redeemed. There are exceptions which can be found in the Terms & conditions page. Once the voucher has been redeemed, we will inform the business that the refunded voucher has been cancelled.

How do I change the items/quantity on my online shopping cart?

In the ‘Your Cart’ page, click the tickbox beside the item you want to remove from the cart. Once ticked, press the green ‘update’ button and the item will be removed.

If you wish to change the quantity on an item – choose the quantity you want from the dropdown menu and click on the green ‘update’ button.

Update Cart

What types of payments can be made?

We accept payments with all major credit cards and local debit cards.

I have a problem with my purchase. Who can I talk to?

If you wish to contact us regarding a problem, please write an email to customerqueries@dealsmalta.com.mt and
we will answer you at our earliest.